What we did in 2020

2020 started as a normal year with us all returning to the studio in January following the Christmas Break.

Who could have guessed at this point that in March 2020 the Prime Minister would put the country in lockdown and therefore all dance classes had to stop immediately.

Our wonderful teachers couldn’t cope without seeing their lovely students and decided to provide daily free of charge mini Instagram lives. These proved to be a real success and kept everyone in touch with their dance friends in a positive way.  We even had some guest teacher sessions.

Prior to lockdown the 4 Stars Dance Tik Tok account was launched.  During lockdown this quickly became Miss Ej and Linda Tik Tok sessions. They had some good times perfecting each dance routine and hope that you had as much fun watching the end results.

We had fun with some online challenges including a colouring competition and ‘draw your teacher’ challenge.

Zoom classes were offered when it was announced that it would be unsafe to teach in the studio.  We had lots of positive feedback from these sessions and again it was a brilliant way for students and teachers to keep in contact with each other and also to ensure that no student would be left behind when it comes to Examinations and Medal Test sessions.

A very exciting announcement was made to let everyone know that Miss Jess was becoming a Partner of 4 Stars Dance and we think you will all agree that this has been a positive move for the dance school.

We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and to let you know that we love you all.